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In a tennis game, your racquet is your weapon, whether you are a beginner or veteran, we have all made the mistake of taking the wrong weapon to battle. The type and health of your racquet frame, handle, and strings all contribute to your overall performance, comfort and enjoyment. So make sure to do your research and if you need the guidance of experts, Kyle is here to make sure you are well equipped for your next match!

kyle hougland, the owner

Kyle is a certified OHSAA tennis coach and a member of the USRSA (United States Racquet Stringers Association). He heads the girl's tennis program at Amherst Steele High School and also coaches Avon High School's Boy's Varsity B team. He was a 4 Year Varsity Letterman and graduated from Steele in 2003. Kyle has been an active tennis player, enthusiast, and instructor since high school, and would like to share his passion for the game with you!

Kyle Hougland

What Can kyle do for you?

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Racket Technician

There are hundreds of strings on the market, what kind of racquet frames or strings should you use or avoid? A damaged handle, grommets or the frame itself can affect the quality of your game, so how do you check the integrity of your racquet? A racquet technician like Kyle is like a tailor who helps to custom fit you with the perfect racquet to look great and perform your best on the court.

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You can have all the ingredients you need to make a cake, but if you add too much of an ingredient to the batter, it can ruin the entire cake. That’s why it’s so important to find the correct configuration for you. When you sign up to this website, Kyle will ask you some simple questions which will help Kyle to make an informed decision and recommendations about your string choice and tension. 

Ball on Tennis Court


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Mona Shawver

I'd pay more!

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else to get my stringing done. Kyle is a major craftsman when it comes to this stringing thing AND at such a great price!. Don’t tell him but I’d pay more!”
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