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Custom fit your Racquet to Perfection so you

look great & perform best on the court

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Meet Kyle Hougland,

The Tennis Racket Pro Who has your best interest at heart

Kyle has been an active tennis player, enthusiast, and instructor since high school, and would like to share his passion for the game with you!

Kyle Hougland

Why re-string with kyle?

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Process of stringing a tennis racket in a tennis shop

String Recommendation

Kyle is NOT affiliated with any particular brand so he doesn’t have an incentive to steer you to a particular direction to profit more. He works with every unique player to find out what works best for them and hopes his expertise keeps you coming back for more service.

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Local to Northeast Ohio

As a racquet technician for many high school juniors and accomplished amateur adult players in the area, Kyle takes pride in his local community. His goal is to be an ambassador for tennis by displaying his passion for the sport in everything he does.

young Tennis Players Bumping Elbows

Fundraising for Kids

Outside of covering the costs for replenishing products, 100% of all revenue is donated to the Amherst Steele High School Girls Tennis Booster Club. This money helps fund things like uniforms, training, and equipment. Tennis is expensive and we want to make sure it is accessible for any interested students.

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On-time Delivery

From non-rush orders to as fast as the same day, Kyle always gets it done on time. Kyle understands the urgency for an important tournament or anything in that matter. Kyle also offers delivery services for $5 or multiple places for free pick up. See pick up locations & schedule here.