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Tourna Quasi Gut Armor (Blue)

Tourna Quasi Gut Armor is a variation on the original Quasi Gut, a very arm friendly string loaded with comfort and power. Like the original, this one is built with over a thousand pliable filaments. However, this one expands upon the original formula with the addition of two very durable co-polyester ribbons. The result is a comfortably firm response with very impressive control for a multifilament. Best suited to players who want a little more precision and durability from their multifilament.


  • Multifilament string with a high tenacity center core, Dupont Nylon center wraps, and Polyester wraps on the outside
  • Delivers maximum Comfort, Touch and Feel
  • Polyester wraps reinforce the core for Durability
  • Great for hybriding with Polyester Strings or as a full bed


Gauge: 17/1.25mm

Colors: Blue Spiral

Tourna Quasi Gut Armor (Blue)

PriceFrom $12.49
  • If you are a member at Avon Oaks Tennis Center, Kyle is there Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings to pick up or drop off your racquet. 


    If you choose this location to pick up, 48 hours wait time is required.


    You may also pick up or drop off your racquet at Kyle’s place of business: 


    954 Longitude Lane Amherst, OH 44001


    Please give Kyle a heads up before your commute.

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