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Tourna Big Hitter Deuce (Red & Blue)

Tourna, the company behind solid polyester tennis strings Big hitter Blue and Big Hitter Red have blended the two favorites together in Tourna Big Hitter Deuce. The innovative string blends the more powerful characteristics of Big Hitter Blue with the comfort levels of Big Hitter Red. Bonded together with a thermal heat treatment process, the red and blue mix forms a round co-polyester string with a smooth surface for incredible snap back. Tourna Big Hitter Deuce should be a solid playing string with a great blend of comfort, control, and power.


Construction: Co-polyester Monofilament

Color: Red and Blue

Gauges: 16G (1.30 mm) | 17G (1.25 mm)



  • Power from Big Hitter Blue
  • Comfort from Big Hitter Red
  • Smooth round Co-Poly construction

Tourna Big Hitter Deuce (Red & Blue)

PriceFrom $12.75
  • If you are a member at Avon Oaks Tennis Center, Kyle is there Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings to pick up or drop off your racquet. 


    If you choose this location to pick up, 48 hours wait time is required.


    You may also pick up or drop off your racquet at Kyle’s place of business: 


    954 Longitude Lane Amherst, OH 44001


    Please give Kyle a heads up before your commute.

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